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  1. Hallo zusammen, kann man mit Swyx auch Videokonferenzen ermöglichen? Wenn ja, welche Version brauche ich dafür mindestens? Viele Grüße, JPSelter
  2. JPSelter

    Kompatible Signal-Hupe gesucht

    Danke für die Antwort! Auf der Suche nach dem von Dir verlinkten Relais bin ich auch über die DISTY-Box gestolpert. Diese wird per DECT angeschlossen und hat einen analogen Ausgang, an den das Relais samt Hupe dran könnte. Aktuell haben wir vor Ort eine Yealink DECT Station (läuft über SIP mit dem Swyx-Server). Wenn diese die DISTY-Box wie ein Mobilfunktelefon ansehen würde, könnte ich doch darüber die Hupe triggern, oder?
  3. JPSelter

    Kompatible Signal-Hupe gesucht

    Hallo zusammen, wir wollen im Produktionsbereich eine Signal-Hupe installieren, die laut tröten soll, wenn ein bestimmtes Telefon dort klingelt. ich kenne mich da leider gar nicht aus... gibt es da Produkte? Die Telefonanlage selbst steht in einem ganz anderen Werk und ist nur per VPN angeschlossen. Ich habe also keine analoge Möglichkeit, sondern muss es über SIP ansteuern...
  4. Guten Morgen zusammen, einer meiner Arbeitskollegen hat Outlook 2013 und das Swyx Wählhilfe Addin. Dort kann ich ja das Adressbuch auswählen, das Swyx für die Nummern/Namenzuordnung verwenden soll. Ich öffne dort ja dann die Baumstruktur und hake die Öffentliche n Ordner mit den Geschäftskontakte an. Bei allen anderen merkt er sich den Haken, aber bei diesem einen Kollegen verschwindet der Haken jeden Morgen wieder. Ich habe schon den Outlook-Temp Ordner gelöscht, aber heute morgen ist der Haken wieder verschwunden. Hat da jemand eine Idee? Vielen Dank schonmal!
  5. JPSelter

    Is there a way to add a door-opener to the system?

    Hello, I have the 2N IP Solo installed now but I cannot get SIP to work. I´m getting 403 forbidden errors. Could someone help me please who has the 2N & Swyx combination? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hello, I have just installed an 2N EntryCom IP Solo and connected it to the network. I have access to the web interface and I have entered all relevant SIP data. I´m using a Swyx Server and I already have a user there called "Door" with a phone number 997. I have entered a SIP username "Doorbell" and a password "224466". But when I save the settings on the 2N side it just gives me "403 forbidden". Is there anything else I have to set in order to make this work? Thanks for your help! kind regards, Peter
  7. JPSelter

    Sometimes phone gets very delayed

    Hello, from time to time I have to restart my SwyxPhone (L640g) because the entire device gets very delayed, which means all funtion and display reacts with 1-2 seconds delayed. For example I pick up the phone and dial a number and I can see the display reacting very very slow, showing the numbers second after second. In that case I need to unplug the LAN cable and plug it back in. What causes that issue? Happens every few weeks with several phones...
  8. JPSelter

    Call whitelist for a user?

    Hello, is it possible to block all external calls for a user but with ONE external number as an exclusion? We have two seperate company buildings with seperate phone numbers (the two swyx servers are internally connected though but have two separate phone lines). So right now I have set up the user with "no external calls" and of course the other building cannot reach him. Is there a way to solve this? Thanks for your help!
  9. JPSelter

    Phone suddenly reboots as different user

    Genau das ist die Lösung ? Thanks for your help! Case closed...
  10. Good morning, I have a strange thing with a user´s Swyx phone (L640g): It happens from time to time (every few weeks) that the phone reboots during the day and automatically logs on as a different, and always as the same different user. I have checked the PINs of user A and user B and they are not the same. What could go wrong here? Thanks for any help!
  11. JPSelter

    Is there a way to add a door-opener to the system?

    The Rocom device looks perfect to me! I want to replace the doorbell but idealy reuse the cables in the wall. And finally get rid of the old Agfeo phone system that was just in place for this one purpose. If the Rocom can dial a phone number over IP then it´s the right solution :-)
  12. Hello, I´m new to Swyx so please forgive me if this is a too easy question for you. I´m planning to move the existing Swyx server from a standalone-server (with ISDN / analog extension card) to a virtual machine. So I won´t have any hardware extension cards. We also have an old door opening system over a very old telephone system that I want to get rid of. That was attached to the Swyx server by an analog cable. I want to replace that with a modern solution over IP. Is there a door-system that acts like a Swyx-phone? I mean a system that is seen as a normal phone over IP? Perhaps where I can open the door with remotely? Thanks for any answers :-)
  13. JPSelter

    Firmware Update läuft und läuft und läuft

    Windows Firewall is disabled, the main hardware firewall is configured correctly. I think I found the issue in the meantime: In the server properties under SwyxPhone Firmware Update I found an old version for the phone type. I hit the Query button and the version changed from .23. to .40... I hope that got it working now... trying right now, looks good so far.
  14. Hello, I have installed 4 new phones (L640g) in the last weeks and all of them show "Firmware Update" in the display for hours... nothing happens... I have already updated the Whitelist on the server. What can I do here to have the update process completed? kind regards, Peter