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  1. One of our users opened call journal from Swyx SFB Connector, and observed that some records were incorrect. For example: The User complained he never had called Contact XYZ and ABC instead, he called UVW and DEF at the corresponding date time but XYZ and ABC showed up instead in the journal. He observed after several tests and this only happens when SFB connector is activated for SwyxIT. He also tried calling an external number but what showed up in the Call journal was a number associated to the name of the CEO which shouldnt be the case. Let me know if you might require some more details to the explanation.
  2. I updated to the latest 11 release. Office version was 2016. Make sure all office versions are up to date by checking in the settings.
  3. After updating SwyxIT to the latest version and reinstalling SFB Connector properly problem seems to be solved. Appreciate the tip Gaviraghi.
  4. Is there a way i can automatically logoff the Swyx skin upon startup of SFB. I just need the feature working in the background. Please refer to screenshot. Is there a way one can enable the chat feature in Swyx IT via the connector even when Swyx is closed so people can still reach the other party via chat, this should be irrespective of the fact that the Swyx IT client itself is still closed. Maybe message appearing in the chat box in SFB?
  5. sharkbone

    Origination Name

    I have Swyx showing Origination Name with a (number with a negative in front) e.g -2140000000 instead of a Name during a call. What could be going wrong here. .
  6. I successfully setup a clip no screening via Colt and using a virtual number from France(French Number). Tested it by calling a german number works perfectly (french number showed up) but anytime i have someone test in France using a french number the german route (associated german number) shows up instead. Is there something i will need to configure to get this to work? Mind you I configured this via a german trunk not a french Trunk and ported the virtual french number to it. Did a similar test and worked previously. What could i be doing wrong?
  7. Hello Andreas, Thanks for the response . Will try the steps you recommended.I also read somewhere that clearing SFB profile cache does the trick. Can you confirm that too? Will combine a couple of things in order to provide a fix. Once again appreciate the response.
  8. I have a difficult time trying to figure out why the presence status doesnt sync between skype for business and SwyxIT running cocurrently (e.g when i make a call via SwyxIT status is busy on SFB status says available which is a status mismatch). Interesting enough i had the issue pertaining to only one user in my domain / network. Could this be related to SFB or settings in SwyxIT? I have tested the specific user on other systems but problem persist. I checked on the swyIT side of things but didnt find anything relevant. Is there anywhere i should be checking or changing specific settings for that particular user? Need your advise.
  9. sharkbone

    Can't see Contact statuses on my SwyxIT Skin

    jodost: Thanks the implementation helped a lot.
  10. sharkbone

    Can't see Contact statuses on my SwyxIT Skin

    Thanks very much. This helped a lot.
  11. Is there something i have to change in the Swyx Skype for business Connector to prevent conflict between Swyx and SFB from happening during meeting initiations via outlook addin.
  12. am running SWYX in parallel with office 2016 Clicktorun. Upon initiating a meeting via Skype for business addin in Outlook during whiles swyx is logged in outlook crashes immediately but anytime i am logged out of Swyx SFB meeting initiations seem to work. What could be causing this and possible solutions will be appreciated. I would like to be able to ran this application in parallel with Swyx or i will have resolve to one.
  13. sharkbone

    Can't see Contact statuses on my SwyxIT Skin

    Thanks for the Feedback. Though i havent implemented it yet. Still appreciate
  14. I cant determine the presence statuses of my contacts in SwyxIT. I have uninstalled reinstalled Swyx IT Client. Recreated the users but problem still persist. I have even tried changing the skin on the client side. Check attached screenshot to have an idea of what i am talking about. Some ideas on how to fix this will be appreciated.
  15. sharkbone

    Skype for Business Status sync with Swyx

    Got it figured out. Updated to the latest version of Swyx IT and seems to work as expected. Will observe and keep this thread posted.