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  1. I have a difficult time trying to figure out why the presence status doesnt sync between skype for business and SwyxIT running cocurrently (e.g when i make a call via SwyxIT status is busy on SFB status says available which is a status mismatch). Interesting enough i had the issue pertaining to only one user in my domain / network. Could this be related to SFB or settings in SwyxIT? I have tested the specific user on other systems but problem persist. I checked on the swyIT side of things but didnt find anything relevant. Is there anywhere i should be checking or changing specific settings for that particular user? Need your advise.
  2. Can't see Contact statuses on my SwyxIT Skin

    jodost: Thanks the implementation helped a lot.
  3. Can't see Contact statuses on my SwyxIT Skin

    Thanks very much. This helped a lot.
  4. Is there something i have to change in the Swyx Skype for business Connector to prevent conflict between Swyx and SFB from happening during meeting initiations via outlook addin.
  5. am running SWYX in parallel with office 2016 Clicktorun. Upon initiating a meeting via Skype for business addin in Outlook during whiles swyx is logged in outlook crashes immediately but anytime i am logged out of Swyx SFB meeting initiations seem to work. What could be causing this and possible solutions will be appreciated. I would like to be able to ran this application in parallel with Swyx or i will have resolve to one.
  6. Can't see Contact statuses on my SwyxIT Skin

    Thanks for the Feedback. Though i havent implemented it yet. Still appreciate
  7. I cant determine the presence statuses of my contacts in SwyxIT. I have uninstalled reinstalled Swyx IT Client. Recreated the users but problem still persist. I have even tried changing the skin on the client side. Check attached screenshot to have an idea of what i am talking about. Some ideas on how to fix this will be appreciated.
  8. Skype for Business Status sync with Swyx

    Got it figured out. Updated to the latest version of Swyx IT and seems to work as expected. Will observe and keep this thread posted.
  9. I had called my colleagues in Skype for business because his status was green, but in SwyxIt he was on the phone which means his status was red. How do i get this status sync to work properly. Thanks
  10. Set up Clip no Screening

    Hallo Jodost, FIrst of all thanks for the responses. I did follow your steps and has been able to configure it for outbound number signalling for the French Number via Colt Trunk, also seems to be in the right format but when i call back on the same number i get some beeps . Call doesnt go through (do you have any suggestions on how to conifigure for inbound? ) so it can be replaced or calls going through should be done in the profile Calling party settings.
  11. I am having problems with one particular User in the USA who always has inbound numbers this format 0011492111665840 when a user calls from germany. This means a 0011 is always appended to the number during an inbound which makes it impossible for him to redial the number due to the wrong formatting. I am trvint to curb this by adding a number replacement rule to that particular trunk but and have tried to replace 0011* with +* for inbound and vice versa but doesnt seem to work. Is there a special way to set rules with regular expressions or particular formats? I always notice that his call routing script is set to that one of Germany can that affect the number signalisation. Thanks and waitiing for a feedback.
  12. Set up Clip no Screening

    The Sip profile is correct since it is already working with his existing German Number. How do i add a French Number to the Trunk that has already existing German numbers associated. Are there some special things i need to take notice of. What are the steps there?
  13. Set up Clip no Screening

    I have a user in France who listed under Colt SIP Trunk, all his calls are routed as such. He uses at the moment a cologne Number but we have gotten a French virtual Number for him and would like to port this Number to the Cologne Trunk using the clip no screening functionality so the number format is not checked by Telekom providers allowing him Signal his French Virtual Number instead of the German Number. I already attempted this by creating a new user in swyx configuring a call forward to the virtual number with profile Clip No screening, routed all via the cologne Trunk but doesnt work. Anyone has some tips?