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  1. Visio Stencils

    Guessing not!
  2. Visio Stencils

    Hi, Sorry for probably wrong topic, but looking for Visio Stencils of IP handsets etc Any about? Cheers James Hawthornthwaite
  3. Override existing connection setting Registry

    Sorted it soon after with the same. Thanks for replying. James
  4. Override existing connection setting Registry

    Hi Ive moved a clients Swyx Server to a Datacentre, as a result needed to Re-IP the Server. All is working well except the fact quite a few Swyxit Clients are looking directly to the old IP (Different subnet) Is there anything I can do in the registry (so I can apply via GP), so that it looks for the ippbxsvr record in the DNS? - Regardless of what is already in place? - So override the existing 'profile' and is then made to find the DNS record. Basically I dont want to walk round all branches changing this manually! Thoughts? Cheers James Hawthornthwaite