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    Visio Stencils

    Guessing not!
  2. Jamhawthorn_HBT

    Visio Stencils

    Hi, Sorry for probably wrong topic, but looking for Visio Stencils of IP handsets etc Any about? Cheers James Hawthornthwaite
  3. Jamhawthorn_HBT

    Override existing connection setting Registry

    Sorted it soon after with the same. Thanks for replying. James
  4. Jamhawthorn_HBT

    Override existing connection setting Registry

    Hi Ive moved a clients Swyx Server to a Datacentre, as a result needed to Re-IP the Server. All is working well except the fact quite a few Swyxit Clients are looking directly to the old IP (Different subnet) Is there anything I can do in the registry (so I can apply via GP), so that it looks for the ippbxsvr record in the DNS? - Regardless of what is already in place? - So override the existing 'profile' and is then made to find the DNS record. Basically I dont want to walk round all branches changing this manually! Thoughts? Cheers James Hawthornthwaite