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  1. No call recording on SIP trunk

    Yes trunk recording is enabled on the trunk group and Swyx already created a folder with the name of the trunk gropu in that location.
  2. No call recording on SIP trunk

    Yes we have all licenses needed.
  3. No call recording on SIP trunk

    Hi, I defined a SIP trunk (not SIP Gateway) to connect with a small internal PBX having SIP intercoms connected to it. The trunk is active and the intercom can make calls to Swyx users in the Swyx PBX. Call recording on the trunk is active for ALL calls. Looking in the call recording folder I notice the new folder with the trunk name but no recordings are added. According to the manual recording does NOT take place on SwyxLinks and SIP Gateways but this trunk is defined as a SIP trunk. Does anyone recognize this behaviour? thanks Ivo