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  1. View File Office Large SwyxIt! 2011 R2 240 Namekeys WebXT Based on the skin by Patrick Wagner Submitter KlausH Submitted 01/05/2018 Category Office  
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Based on the skin by Patrick Wagner
  3. KlausH


    Hallo Sebastian, danke es funktioniert. hatte mir das einfacher vorgestellt. VG Klaus
  4. KlausH


    Hello everybody, I tried to set the number of LineKeys to two. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. Is there still another possibility? Here is my script: Import-Module ippbx Connect-IpPbx  $users = Get-IpPbxGroupMember -GroupName "_Konfig-Gruppe" Foreach($user in $users) { # Read UserDataObject $UserDataObject = Get-IpPbxUserData -UserName $User.Name # Set LineKeys $UserDataObject.m_iNumberOfLineKeys = 2 # Store Information Set-IpPbxUserData -UserData $UserDataObject -UserName $User.Name }
  5. KlausH


    Hello, thanks for the answers. So I have set it up now: # Connect to the local SwyxServer via Windows Authentication Connect-IpPbx $Path = "C:\wav\" $fileName = "XMAS.wav" # Copy File into the database Import-IpPbxFile -Path $Path$fileName -Scope Global -Category HoldMusic -Overwrite -confirm:$false # Change the "Music On Hold" $globalConfigEntry = $Global:LibManager.GetGlobalConfigEntry() $globalConfigEntry.HoldMusicFile = $fileName $globalConfigEntry.Update($true) Via the task scheduler I start this script at a certain time.
  6. KlausH


    Hi, I would like to change the holdmusic automatically at a time. Is there a possibility?