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  1. Is it possible to get the Hostname of the Swyxserver in a GSE-script? I already found some vbscripts to do this, but they dont work from the call-routing.
  2. Jorn

    UnconditionalForwarding other user

    Unfortunately I have already found that article, and it doesn't do what I want to do.
  3. Jorn

    UnconditionalForwarding other user

    The code we used: dim oPBXConfig set oPBXConfig = PBXScript.CreateObject("IpPBxSrv.PBXConfig") oPBXConfig.Initialize PBXUser ' 'get users or group members ' dim oUSers ' You can use user phone numbers, group numbers, user names or group names as ' parameter here set oUsers = oPBXConfig.GetUserByAddress("100") dim oUser for Each oUser in oUsers PBXScript.OutputTrace "User: " & oUser.UserID PBXScript.OutputTrace "Name: " & oUser.Name PBXScript.OutputTrace "State: " & oUser.State PBXScript.OutputTrace "UnconditionalRedirect: " & oUser.UnconditionalRedirect next
  4. Is it possible to read the state of the Unconditional Forwarding from an other user? We know how to do this for the same user and we also know how to get other information from a user or group. We tried to combine these, but we get an error.