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    Version 1.0.0


    Auf Basis von Kaleidoscope erweitertes Tool um die Mitglieder von Gruppen zu steuern in Deutsch. Was wurde geändert / erweitert: Pulldown Menü für Gruppenauswahl Pulldownmenü für Auswahl der User Deutsche Anleitung IP, User un Passwort werden beim ersten Start verschlüsselt gespeichert. Optik etwas verändert.
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    Hey everyone, at our reception (not sure if this is the correct english word - in German it's called Empfang or Telefonzentrale) we are using a group for all the employees that have to answer the phone. Often we have some employees helping out in case people are sick or on vacation. We needed a way to allow them to add and remove people to a caller group easily and without requiring technical support to help... Powershell to the rescue I hacked together a small tool that allows to do just that. Please use this at your own risk! Error checking is barely existent and the documentation was eaten by my dog! :-) EmpfangIt.ps1